Water Damage And Your Home

Water damage is a costly and worrisome prospect for any homeowner. The threat of water damage is not just restricted to those who are located on or near a floodplain. Along with the possible loss of life and sentimental pieces, water damage can wreak havoc on important support structures of your home. Water damage can rot wood, weaken and rust metal beams and strip lamination off of plywood and other materials. Regardless of whether the damage occurs slowly over time,is something quick such as a pipe bursting, or some large act of nature, there are serious complications that can arise. Fortunately their are people trained to help keep you and your family safe.

Water damage to wood structures can pose serious health and safety hazards. When water seeps into wood, it weakens its integrity. Wood can end up rotting if it has prolonged exposure with water. When wood rots it becomes soft, if the wood is part of your house’s structure or framing this can lead to serious damage and possible injury if the structure were to collapse.

Water damage is not just limited to the destruction of wood, it also can destroy various metals. Most modern housing uses metal as a framing material. When prolonged contact with water occurs, the metal may begin to rust. Rust reduces the strength of the metal, leading to possible damage to your home.

Laminate flooring is a cost effective way for your home building needs. When water damage occurs the flooring may begin to separate from the sub-floor, this separation can cause uneven flooring. Additional issues may arise if the flooring continues to have exposure to water. Other flooring options can also be ruined by water damage, with carpet being the most common. Carpet should be replaced if exposure is longer than forty-eight hours.

When looking to resolve issue caused by water damage personal and professional resources abound. General contractors can provide estimates and support with damage to house structures. It is possible to complete repairs oneself especially cases of flooring replacement. Consultation with water damage culver city professional may help to diagnose problems in advance. Health concerns from water damage come in the form of mold. If mold is present in your home you will need to utilize professional grade cleaning agents. Should the mold be serious or widespread enough licensed professionals may be needed to clean and remove the mold from your home.

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